I never really liked my kitchen when I moved into a new house. It was very poorly 8ad18cd60e374bb6_1598-w500-h666-b0-p0-modern-kitchenmaintained by the previous owner. The lighting was poor, the floor was shabby and the kitchen electrical plugs were so haphazard and disoriented. I always wonder why most houses are built not keeping the area of the kitchen in mind. It is small and dingy in most homes. I prefer mine to have lots of lighting and ventilation, all the modern kitchen d├ęcor available in the market and a nook for my kitchen garden. This is where I spend most of my time and this is where all the action happens. Right from resolving fights, discussing finances, making life time decisions plus preparing food and entertaining friends and family. It should have a lot of positive vibes, convenient and handy locations for the multi tasking me. I tore down my entire kitchen, right from the ceiling lights to the dull flooring. New is what I demanded.